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  • Slim ‘N Fit Slimming Shirt For Men


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    • Slim 'N Fit Slimming Shirt For Men
    • Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
    • Color: White
    • Available in 4 Different Sizes
    • Medium [Chest (Relax: 34cm Stretch: 76cm)]
    • [Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm)]
    • Large [Chest (Relax: 40cm Stretch: 82cm)]
    • [Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm)]
    • X-Large [Chest (Relax: 46cm Stretch: 96cm)]
    • [Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm)]
    • XX-Large [Chest (Relax: 52cm Stretch: 108cm)]
    • [Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm)]
    • Reduces hypodermic fat with regular wear
    • Panel firms-up your body and trim off your belly fat for that six pack look
    • Helps support your back for correct posture
    • Fits into your favorite shirts or T-shirts comfortably
    • 8 to 10 hours daily wear
    • High Quality Product
    • Excellent Value for Money
    • Made in China


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